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CF Mobile games like the version on PC is now available on Android

Online game CF Mobile will bring you exciting moments, along with the action fierce fighting, smashing opponents to win.

CF mobile

CF mobile crossfire

Note: Zenfone must be upgraded to Android 5.0 or newer, 4.4 can have some graphic errors.

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The official start of the name of the original cast, transplant root Cross Fire gimmick, of course, through the last tour FireWire has had many years of active experience and since many versions of the update, the game Content content is transferred directly to the mobile phone, so that players can experience faster mobile phone to a more complete game end FPS. In the role of the CF travel map includes the weapons that have been delivered here since the end of the tour, as an old CF player in the mobile version of the game as well as more intimate. On the mobile side of Cross Fire is a new starting point, which will give players a new shooter game.

Roles on the computer side trips, maps, weapons, etc. all moving elements to the mobile terminal can not HD it? Whether it is the role of the weapon and other aspects are quite detailed, this is worthy of the game recognition screen, the game adapt to the mobile gamer market more can adjust the quality picture yourself.

In terms of gameplay experience combat activity, Cross Fire hand travel despite the double-shot virtual control keys, but the market has occupied a large half of the FireWire elite mobile version, everyone has a Better somatosensory shooting action, Cross Fire is also needed for the mainstream mobile phone screen travel market to adjust the virtual keys, allowing players to have a better sense of their activities. Of course, through the fire hand tour also added important custom settings, so that players can according to their own needs to adjust the position of the buttons.

A game player is a lonely group of people who play the game is enough passion! Tencent’s social game platform has a large user base, it is the CF mobile hand tour after a shootout in the markets across the country and other contest chips and games, but the value More say is that the players hand travel CF is no other limited Hearts nausea game media, so that players may want to play long to play. Clan system yet to this line, which will be based on a system as the main players, I believe the beta team will be on-line system.

CF ended the tour in 2008 officially entered the country, the second half of 2014 suddenly surfaced everywhere, and FireWire represented the elite mobile shooter has been the player’s favorite, The kings of the shootout have passed fire, though late, but come up with worthy reasons for the players waiting, the CF hand tour will give you a new phone to play the series experience. shootout! Cross Fire Shootout The birth of the king, also about to swim into a FPS wave peaks, fighting anywhere in the mobile terminal and the computer can also enjoy the same passion!

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5.00 avg. rating (98% score) - 1 vote

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